The Monte Istulargiu farm is managed by Marco, the third of the four brothers, a graduate in agriculture, who every day dedicates himself to the breeding of Sardinian sheep, registered in the herd book, from which we obtain the milk to produce our range of cheeses and pigs reared in the wild for the production of cured meats and suckling pigs (from which we obtain our delicious "roast pig").

 In addition, the company also has Anglo-Arab horses, the albino donkey Camilla and farm animals.


The dairy, was born in "2020" managed by Pierluigi, the last of 4 brothers, where small quantities of milk from our carefully selected sheep, give rise to excellent final products: semi-seasoned pecorino, fresh ricotta, salted ricotta, granistulargiu and the innovative “thorny heart” pecorino. The latter created with vegetable rennet to satisfy even the vegetarian, Muslim and Jewish world. The processing of all the products of the mini dairy is exclusively artisanal, combining ancient traditions with innovation.


It is important for us to produce high quality cured meats by selecting the best pork from our farms. We use top quality spices according to the ancient recipe, bringing back the good flavors and aromas of the past without the use of preservatives. Seasoning is controlled daily through temperature and humidity so that ours are always excellent products. Passion and craftsmanship are the secret that allows you to taste something unique every time like our Sardinian sausage, pancetta, loin, coppa, flavored lard and raw ham.