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The beaches

The beaches

The Monte Istulargiu Holiday Farm is in the centre of Northern Sardinia,  and is a strategic point  for visiting the whole coastline stretching from Alghero to the Costa Smeralda. For the tourist, this area contains villages and towns rich in cultural and artistic traditions and numerous environmental attractions. The coastline alternates continuously between beaches with pure white extra fine sand, hidden coves of porphyry or granite rocks, harsh wild islands, impenetrable woods and thickets and fragrant Mediterranean scrub, crystal clear waters with colours ranging from emerald green to turquoise, from sky-blue to navy blue.

The beach which takes its name from the little town of VALLEDORIA, itself developed around the little church of San Pietro a Mare, is long and wide because it is the natural extension of the Maragnani beach which then extends along the Badesi coastline. This stretch, which is of great environmental interest, is notable for the mouth of the River Coghinas, and its lagoon which runs parallel to the coast for three kilometres. The beach, with its pure clean sand and undulating dunes, is bounded by pine and eucalyptus trees and is home to numerous lake-side birds. The contrast between the bleached white sand, the porphyry cliffs eroded by the wind, the green waters of the river and the limpid clear, deep intense blue water of the Asinara Gulf is quite spectacular. The sandy shore is ideal for swimming, wind-surfers and kite-surfers, sea or freshwater fishing enthusiasts, or quite simply, for those who just want to relax in an unspoilt and fragrant setting.

ALGHERO is one of the most enchanting Sardinian towns in terms of countryside, cultural and leisure time activities. Located on a promontory which dominates the bay of the same name, it extends as far as a wide bay on the North-West coast of Sardinia. It has always been one of the most famous and well-known tourist resorts on the Island; partly as a result of its history as a Catalan colony, elements of which are alive and well today both in its language and traditions, and partly because of the landscape’s natural beauty. With 80 kms of coastline, going from the limestone promontory of Capo Caccia to the beach at Poglina, Alghero is the tourist capital of the Coral Riviera.

In the extreme north of the region and facing the islands of Asinara, is STINTINO, one of the most well-known Sardinian tourist resorts at an international level. It was founded in 1885, to give a home to 45 fishing and sheep farming families who had been evicted from the Island of Asinara, which was itself destined to become first a penal colony, and then a quarantine station. In Summer Stintino combines the charm of its picturesque fishing quarter with the unique colour of the sea that laps the shores of its two main white sandy beaches, Pelosa and  Saline, which look out over the Fornelli bay and which are  in turn dominated by the Spanish towers of the same name.

Among the numerous environmental attractions, a day out on the Island of ASINARA is not to be missed. It is easily reached by boat from either Stintino or Porto Torres. The island is in an absolutely unique state of natural conservation, undoubtedly due to the fact that for many years it was a penal colony, a state of affairs which meant that it avoided tourist development and allowed it to maintain its unspoilt natural environment up to the present day. For the purpose of preserving and safeguarding this natural legacy, in 1998 Asinara became a National Park protected by strict regulations. One of the major tourist attractions on Asinara is undoubtedly the astonishingly beautiful series of beaches along the whole East coast of the island. Unknown to man for centuries, the beaches of Cala Sant’Andrea, Cala Sabina and Cala Arena bewitch the unwary spectator with their outstanding and enchanting beauty.

The fabulous unspoilt natural setting which characterizes the ARCIPELAGO della MADDALENA has made it one of the most fascinating corners of the Mediterranean and one of the most frequently visited tourist areas. The archipelago consists of 7 main islands and a number of smaller islets and rocky outcrops: 4 large islands, La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano and Spargi, are nearest to the mainland, while further away and close to the Straits of Bonifacio, are the three smaller islands, Budelli, Santa Maria and Rizzoli. Boat trips and visits to certain of these islands offer you the vision of bays bordered by white beaches, stretches of incredibly crystalline clear water and inlets of immeasurable beauty. In order to protect and safeguard these splendid natural wonders, almost all of which are still completely uncontaminated, in 1994 the Archipelago della Maddalena Marine Park was created.


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