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Throughout the winter, we at Monte Istulargiu prepare produce and season products that we will have the pleasure of serving you with during your holiday:

Among the starters on offer, there is our “Monte Istulargiu” pecorino sheeps milk cheese, which you can enjoy at various stages of maturity, accompanied by an assortment of dried meats: pancetta, (bacon) coppa (hung dried meat), prosciutto (ham), salsiccia (dried sausage), which all have a unique flavour thanks to the climate and winds that are a feature of this area.

One of the local specialities grown in this area is the spiny Sardinian artichoke, which can be enjoyed in many different ways: the best known is the classic “preserved in olive oil” which many of our customers ask for and take away as a souvenir! It makes an ideal first course, with fresh pasta and bottarga, (salted mullet roe, another Sardinian speciality) or as a main course, which when served with local lamb stew is really delicious.

However, the most well-known first course in this area is the famous zuppa gallurese, a centuries-old traditional dish made using sheep broth, local flat bread and sheep’s milk cheese.

In addition to these, you can enjoy ravioli with fresh ricotta cheese, or  malloreddus (small Sardinian pasta shells) with tomato sauce and sausage, carefully hand-made by our grandmother.

Roast Sardinian suckling pig is of course taken for granted, but here you can enjoy it cooked in a wood-fired oven.

If you are still hungry or just curious, you can also try marinated wild boar with wild herbs, cordula with peas ( a Sardinian speciality similar to chitterlings or black pudding,)  and finally wild goat with tomato sauce!

To finish with, we offer a variety of liqueurs, including  crema di limone,  limoncello, mirto, and filu e ferru (Sardinian grappa), distilled from a quality local wine.

We could write pages more about all the products and food that we offer to those who spend their holidays here with us – all you need to do is come and find us and you too can enjoy all these!

Enjoy your meal

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