Monte Istulargiu Farm holidays- Sardinia Castelsardo-Valledoria

In and around Valledoria – our local Sardinia

The Monte Istulargiu Farm looks out over an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a breathtaking view of the Golfo d’Asinara or Asinara Bay, in the North of  Sardinia.

It is just 3 kms away from the wide sandy beach of San Pietro a mare at Valledoria, and where there is one of the largest coastal stretches of sand dunes in the area. Starting from the mouth of the Coghinas river it extends for over ten kilometres, and is part of the Foce del Coghinas site of local community interest.

Facing the beach there is the charming  little church of San Pietro, which every year hosts the ancient rites and rituals that are celebrated during the periods of local festivals.

In front of the farm itself, there is Monti Ussoni, which has splendid walking trails and a breathtaking view of the nearby cliffs of Castelsardo.

Further East, we come to the white beach at Badesi. Heading inland, we find Santa Maria Coghinas and Viddalba, and between the two towns on the banks of the River Coghinas, there is the excellent Casteldoria Thermal Bath and Spa.  This offers a variety of wellness treatments and services and boasts a  thermal water source which comes out of the earth at over 70 degrees.

In Viddalba there is a comprehensive Archaeological Museum, with numerous items of interest and artefacts discovered nearby, which indicate that the thermal waters had already been discovered at the time of the Roman Empire.

Moving further still inland, we find the town of Aggius, its typical granite boulder-strewn scenery and its historic old town centre with houses finished in unique local stone. A little further on is the town of Tempio Pausania, famous for its natural water springs still used by locals today, and the Monte Limbara Nature reserve, an important and valuable site of natural interest, open all year round and where it often snows during the winter.

Returning to the coast and continuing East, we now come to Isola Rossa, (under the administration of the town of Trinità d'Agultu,) with its tourist port and then on to Costa Paradiso. Here the granite cliffs alternate with beautiful little bays and beaches, and they have a typical reddish colour, hence the name of the rocky little island “Isola Rossa” in the bay  in front of the town, which can be seen even as far away as Valledoria.

Following the scenic route, we find the beaches and coastal hinterland that lead all the way to Santa Teresa di Gallura, one of Northern Sardinia’s better-known tourist resorts, and just around the corner from the equally famous Costa Smeralda.

Back at the Agriturismo Monte Istulargiu, but this time heading West, less than three minutes away is the Nuraghe Paddagiu, shown on signs as Nuraghe L'eni, but referred to by everyone as Su Tesoru. Built using massive stone blocks and over 2,4 metres high, it was probably a fortress designed to defend a nearby prehistoric village of which there is now little trace. Half a kilometre away, you have the chance to admire one of the most important  Neolithic monuments: the Domus de Janas "Roccia dell’Elefante", or “Elephant Rock.” This is interesting not only for its particularly unusual formation, but because it was an important site during the Pre-Nuraghic period, when men dug into the rock, created  burial chambers and left sacred writings on the walls.

We are now on the road to the fortified maritime town of Castelsardo, overlooking the sea, with its old historic centre surrounded by battlements, full of tiny little alleys and visible from the nearby tourist port.


From here we have a choice between two possible routes. One will take us to the provincial capital of Sassari, with its historic centre and the Sanna Museum (the most important in the area); the other will take us to Porto Torres, and from there to Stintino and Alghero, two seaside destinations of guaranteed interest to summer tourists. Alghero represented the high point of the Aragon Culture whose architectural and ethnic traces can still be clearly seen today.

So here in brief we have some points of interest in Northern Sardinia, for which the central location of the Agriturismo Monte Istulargiu is an obvious advantage in terms of the opportunities for travelling and visiting.

Enjoy Sardinia

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